Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Beginnings

A few weeks ago Gwyneth began a new school year of pre-K at a new elementary school with new teachers. She was transferred from our previous school because a new special education pre-K class was created at the elementary school that we are zoned for. So she is now at the school where she can continue into Kindergarten and through Fifth Grade.  I think the transition has been much harder for me than for her.  I had developed a rapport with the teachers from the last year and a half, but now all the new teachers and therapists will have to get to know Gwyneth and myself.  Gwyn is riding the bus again in her wheelchair.  I really hope she will be walking and out of the wheelchair by the end of this school year.

The other new beginning that Gwyneth will be experiencing this month is starting hippotherapy at the Farm on Tuesdays.  We don't have therapy on Fridays anymore.  We are going to OT and PT on Tuesday afternoons and Speech on Saturdays with our Speech therapist from last year.  I thought we might be able to start hippotherapy today, but it looks like it will be next Tuesday when Gwyn will get up on a horse for the first time.  She will alternate weeks, riding the horse with her OT one week and her PT the next week.  They will work on different skills and building different muscles each week.  It might take her a while to warm up to the horses, but I'm really excited for this new chapter in Gwyn's therapy.