Saturday, September 20, 2014

New School Unit: Apple Trees

We started a new unit for September all about Apples and Apple Trees. On Monday, we all painted together. First we traced our arms and hands to make the tree trunk, then filled in the brown trunk, green leaves, and red apples. I love how different everyone's paintings turned out. From left to right: Grandma Sue's tree, Gwyneth's tree, Ryker's tree, and Megan's tree.

Through the rest of the week, Gwyn and I (and sometimes Ryker) did other Apple related projects and worksheets. We also read a few books we found at the library related to apple trees. 

I cut out red and green construction paper apples and wrote the letters of each kid's name on yellow ovals. The kids then had to put the letters in the right order to spell their names and we glued it all down.
We have a few more Apple themed things for next week, but I'm guessing that we won't have a full home school week since we are expecting Baby #3 to arrive any day!

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